In a cabin in the woods

In a cabin in the woods / Come little Bunny

For this one you don’t clap with anyone but everyone does the same hand motions all together in the air with your finger while singing the song

In a cabin in the woods

(draw a square in the air with your fingers)

A little old man by the window stood

(make circles, like binoculars, with your hands and put up to your eyes)

Saw a rabbit hopping by

(two fingers walking in front of you in the air)

Knocking at his door

(do a knocking motion with one hand)

“Help me! Help me! Help!” he cried

(fling your hands in the air three times)

For the hunter shoot me down

( point an imaginary gun with both hands and move side to side)

Come Little rabbit come inside

(hand motion inviting someone to come to you)

Safely you may hide or Happy you will be

(rock your arms like you’re rocking a baby)

Now here is the fun part: You keep repeating the song, but at each line, you just hum the tune and do the hand motions. So the second time you sing the song, you don’t say “In a cabin by the woods”, you just hum it and make the hand gesture. The third time, you leave out both 1st and 2nd lines (humming only) do just the hand gesture, sing the rest. You keep going until there are no words, just humming and gestures and that’s how it ends.