FunClapping.com is here to engage you in one of our fondest childhood school yard activities Рhand clapping games!  We hope this site triggers wonderful memories of your own fun days at recess and inspires you to try new games and different versions of old classics.

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Celebrate Childhood through the refreshingly fun simple hand clapping games
kids play around the world! Their laughter is infectious!!


Featured Rhymes:

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  • Love how these rhymes seems to be known all over the world but usually with variations. I’m from the Midlands in England and our version of Eenie meanie went like this:

    Eenie meanie decameanie
    You are the one to meet me
    Education education
    I love you
    Bam bam baby
    Down by the roller coaster
    Sweet sweet baby
    No place to go to
    Caught you with your boyfriend
    Naughty naughty
    Jump through the window
    Crazy crazy
    Jump through the window
    Crazy crazy!

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